Hiscox Informed Roundup April 30th – May 7th 2014

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Welcome to our weekly roundup of the most popular articles from our social magazine app, Hiscox Informed. This week we roundup the news that will give your small business a boost – from how to befriend your competitors to building an app in afternoon.

According to Start Up Donut, 60% of people in any given sector are only doing “OK”. So how do you transition from OK to exceptionally successful. Start Up Donut talk you through six easy steps that can help you achieve success in your business – start by thinking big and don’t just do the work, but become a marketer of your business.

Your football interests and business obligations likely don’t cross paths very often but this is an exception – Business Matters Magazine takes a look at last week’s big news from Old Trafford.The decision to hire David Moyes was a bold one, but sometimes that’s the best way to make a difference in the business world. Business Matters Magazine takes a look at the owners decision to hire Moyes and the implications it had on Manchester United as a business entity.

From web development to email newsletters, small business services make it easier than ever to forgo the lesson in coding. Small Business Trends takes a look at one service in particular that turns coding and developing an app into an afternoon project for any business owner. Take a look and see if your small business is ready for an app.

Are your competitors really the enemy? What if, instead of shunning them, you embraced your competitors as a source of knowledge and support? Start Up Donut takes a look at the pros and cons of befriending your competitors and how to go about making that first move. If you can overlook your concerns about competitor imitation, social media is a great way to test the water and determine their interest in meeting.